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Happy Wednesday! October 14, 2009

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It’s  Snowing! Yes SNOWING! it’s crazy! last week when it snowed I wasn’t very happy about it!

But now I’ve realized that I can be cranky all I want over it! But mother nature isn’t going to change her mind!  So this morning when I woke up to MORE snow on the ground I decided to be happy about it! I really love snow! It’s beautiful! I just wasn’t ready for it! So this is what it looks like outside my house!Snow in early October!?

The summer wasn’t to bad here! seemed very short! although I was ready for fall! didn’t get much of a fall it went from summer to SNOW! !

As those of you that do read my blog might of already known that I starting making and selling jewelry last spring! Well did’n’t have much luck with that sold like three things at the farmers market! *people just weren’t looking to buy things like that I guess* But me being me I got discouraged and gave up! It wasn’t worth spending my Saturdays at the market when I could be camping or doing other things! So then I was planning on doing the holiday market this month *it’s part of the farmers market!* and I figured ppl would more be looking for what i sold there then the ppl shopping at the market over the summer! We I decided that I didn’t just want to make jewelry anymore! I have a hard time sticking with just one thing! I  like variety! So I finally pulled out my sewing machine that has been sitting in my closet for YEARS even when I lived at home! *it was just easier for me to sew by hand!* WHAT WAS I THINKING? gosh It’s so much faster and nicer to use the machine 🙂  So I’ve started to making all sorts of things! I’ve been making tooth fairy pillows, rice bags, slip covers for the rice bags, cute little tote bags,  and I have a mile long list of things that I’m going to be making 🙂

I will be redoing my display this winter sometime and hoping to have a huge inventory by spring to maybe do better next year at the markets! 🙂

here are some pictures of my creativeness!!

Hope you all enjoy them! if you have any pointers or advise it’s more then welcome as I’m just learning the ropes here!

round pillowOne of the pillows I had made my niece! (I thought it turned out pretty well 🙂

IMG_0016 More pillows I made!

They were the first project I did with my machine! IMG_0021 Window seat cushions  I made for my niece!                                                                                             1 of 6 I made! IMG_0147 Yes it’s official that I’m a fabric aholic!! this was my beginning                                                                        stash!

IMG_0161 Tote bags in the making!IMG_0164 The tote bags all done! IMG_0690 Rice bags! 🙂  I made 17 of these little things!

IMG_0696I made this slip cover for the rice bag that I made my father in law                                        for his birthday! He loves john deer!

IMG_0158 A new sew blanket that I made for A friends baby for Christmas!

IMG_0715 Oh ya and as you will notice in the next 2 months! I LOVE                                                                      Christmas!

IMG_0709 And this is what I’ve got to start my Christmas fabric stash!                                                    not much but it’s a start!

Well that’s all for now! I’m off to do some crafts with the kids! Woohoo!

Look forward to most postings from the creative housewife!


October 13, 2009

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Wow I have’t been on here in a long time!

Sorry everyone!

The summer was really busy and went by crazy fast for me! it’s already fall Actually winter here! It’s crazy!

So many things have changed! I can’t believe it! I will have to update ya’ll through out the week! I don’t have tons of time to do alot right now 😦

I will do updates on each thing with PICTURES! 🙂

Things that have happened over the summer!

-3 of my friends had babies!

-My sister in law had a baby!

-I finally pulled out my sewing machine! *YAY no more hand sewing! :)*

-We lost our orange kitty!

-The dear hubby brought me a puppy home! 🙂

-The dear hubby put lots of shelves in my craft room and I re-organized it!

-I got a new camera *Yay for good pictures now *

-I got my computer back and working 🙂

-I’ve became addicted to Joann’s!

That’s all the main things I can think of now! 🙂

Hope you all enjoy! 🙂

-The creative housewife!


Opps May 3, 2009

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Hello everyone!

I guess it’s about time to post a blog huh?

Sorry! I’ve just been extremely busy lately!

Friday I got my name changed on EVERYTHING! finally it’s about time! seeing how I got married in August! lol..

Then Saturday I did the farmers market! And I sold something 🙂 not alot but I sold a necklace *  by the way it was one of my FAVORITES* and a bracelet! Another one of my favorites lol 🙂

Then came home unloaded the display and still had all my grocery shopping to do for the month and plus shopping for the surprise birthday party I’m doing for a friend this upcoming Saturday!

So that took pretty much most the day 🙂

Ohh but I do have to say I squeezed in enough time to make a run to the bead show that was going on down at a local motel!  *SMILES* ! No I didn’t take pictures of the actual bead show it’s self! But I did take a picture of  the pretty beads I got 🙂 Findings from beading show 09

I did a pretty good job I think so! They had AMAZING prices!                 And I haven’t had time to get them into containers so there still laying on my desk 🙂 probably a project to do tomorrow ! 🙂

I got all the shopping done last night expect for a few things at walmart! because the store is DUMB and never has anything in stock! And were going to stop there before we get really mad!                                                                                                   So I have to make ANOTHER trip to walmart this week talk about YUCK!           Oh and another thing! I got sun burnt Saturday! Yes the first time I see sun in DAYS I get BURNT! my nose cheeks and chest are all BRIGHT RED! and man does it hurt! I mean you just don’t think about putting sunscreen on at 6:30 in the morning before you go to the farmers market! But I think I will next time lol..

Finally I got the dear hubby to start building things! and doing more projects around the house! and he loves it! well he says he does! Are patio isn’t big enough to put the new barbecue on it and still have enough room to sit and have the table and not to mention! It gets really hot right there right now because of the bbq!    So I kept thinking about it for a few days and thought it would work great to pull out  a small area long the house of rock! And kinda add on to the patio it’s going to be really awesome when it’s all done!

This is just a picture of the beginning work lol!  I will keep you posted with more pictures 🙂 dsc02622dsc02634

The  bush that we had to dig up was terrible!  I swear the roots on that thing covered half of Montana lol not really but it seemed like it! lol.     Well that’s all for the project for today!

Another project I started today was growing my herbs!  🙂 I started them in a indoor green house and I am praying that they work out!  I got them all planted and started a plant diary so I know when they sprout and all that fun stuff! So hopefully they will make big yummy bushes of herbs!

dsc026372They just look like plump lumps of dirt right now! but I will keep everyone posted as they make progress into plants 🙂

About a week ago the fur balls ate through the screen door! So I finally got the motivation to take the duck tape out today and fix it!

They are very adamant about getting outside! And I don’t quite understand it! lol.. they run right to the front door or garage door and cry until you let them in then go to the sliding grass door and want outside again! I swear there not the brightest cats!

Clyde was sitting at the door pouting because Dear hubby said he can’t come outside anymore ! here’s the results!

dsc02635Well that’s all for now! I’m off to do some laundry!

Hopefully I will get around to posting again tomorrow!

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

Love the creative housewife!


Good morning world! April 29, 2009

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Good morning !

Is it already wednesday?? Crazy!

this week has gone by super fast! And that doesn’t happen very much! In my case only when I really wish it would be going slow so I can attact the to do list I have that is ongoing so I don’t think I will ever attact it lol.

Alot of it is outside and as you have seen in my past blogs it hasn’t been the best weather to do things outside in! lol..

Yesterday was a good day  I got alot done!

Ehh and yeah I overly obsessed myself on making paper FLOWERS! And no not TISSUE paper flowers… like origami flowers! I spent from about 5 AM yesterday morning and didn’t finaly give up until last night! I watched video after video! and I guess It just wasn’t meant to happen… like a good friend said you can’t be good at everything lol.. and obviously this is one of those things!

So anyway on with life!

The little one is really getting sick of being inside I think! Yesterday we were coloring *haven’t been brave enough to give her paint * lol. And after we got done coloring I got up to go to the bathroom..and she was picking up all the craynons…so I was like ok!  she knows where they go and all that. Well it’s about nap time so I come back out in the living room take to the bed and change her diaper and lay her down for her nap… Well shortly after that I was picking up all the Magnets in my house there’s a TON of them! And I found a wipe she had gotten *she likes to use them to clean up messes* and it had yellow stuff on it ! I’m like really curious at this point… lol  but I go on with what I was doing and go to turn the tv off and THERE IT IS!!!!! The little one had taken a BRIGHT yellow cryon and colord all over the dear hubbys nice new flat screen TV! So that there was the bright yellow stuff on the baby wipe that I found! Which I kinda thought was cute…because I know her well enough I can already see her little face…it kinda went like this! 1. she went over to the tv and started coloring….2 she realized CRAP this wasn’t a smart thing to do oh boy am I gonna be in trouble now! So then she grabed a wipe probably thinking well this should work.. it works for her to get things off my butt! It should work on the tv…which by the way baby wipes work GREAT to get crayon off the tv lol…And yes I got it all off the tv lol..

So then she slept most the afternoon away! And I did housework and got all my rugs washed! Ehh and worked on paper FLOWERS again!!!!!

And as for dinner 🙂

Dear hubby and I liked my sweet and sour chicken I made on Monday night soooooo much I made it again 😉

And tonight it’s going to be my super easy homemade chili!

Ohh.. yeah and I also had an interveiw with new parents last night! And there starting in July :)It’s going to be a bran new baby 😉 well she will be 6 weeks old actually! but still LITTLE TINY baby 🙂

So I’m pretty excited about that too!

Well I hate to say this but nothing else eventful has happened in the last 2 days.. I’m hoping to get another post up today… 🙂

But I’m off for now.. there’s a pile of laundry again in my laundry room! ehh never ending i swear! lol..

Well hope you enjoy reading this day to day! I know I sure enjoy reading everyone else.

Love the creative housewife!


This weather?! Seriously!? April 28, 2009

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Good evening all of you who are reading this!

Hopefully some of you got to see SPRING today!

I sure as heck didn’t I woke up to snow on the ground!!!! yes it’s the 27th of APRIL and I woke up to snow!

Snow in april!

So yeah as all of you can imagine it wasn’t the perfect way to start my Monday morning off !

And this is after some of it melted! and then it decided to start snowing AGAIN….






So yesterday morning I decided I would try to make a fanciful breakfast! That consisted of crepes!

I found a recipe and was like ok I can do this!            And I was wrong! i had no idea what I was doing at all lol.!

after 2 hours and a very messy kitchen later this is what it resulted in!

crepes #1

<-Huckleberry filled crepes!




.Then my favorite just plain crepes with powdered sugar!   ->

So by the time I made the darn things and got the kitchen cleaned up  I was almost in there for three and a half hours!

Crazy.. not the way I wanted to spend my Sunday morning! lol.. oh well it was an adventure right?

Okay so I LOVE chinesse food! But I hate going out and eating it in restuants! I know I know I’m werid!

But anyway. So I’ve been wating to learn how to make fried rice for months now, But I just couldn’t get the courage to try to make it!

Well finally I tried it tonight and it was a sucess!

sweet and sour chicken..Sorry the picture isn’t the best! but omgsh it was so amazingly GOOD!

It is defiantly something I will keep making! unlike those darn crepes! lol..

Well it’s late and I didn’t get started on this when I actually wanted to so I’m done chatting for the day! Hopefully I will get more on tomorrow!

Have a wonderfuly blessed night all you readers out there!

Love the Creative housewife!

Comments anyone?


A day with the mamacita! April 26, 2009

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first thing first I know I’m a day behind.. Yesterday was a busy day for me! 🙂

Okay So yesterday was kinda a crazy day! Being it was Saturday I should of been at the farmers market right at 8AM!

K… So I got up at 5 something and started getting ready and was waiting for it to get light out so I could see if the weather was going to be cooperative  for me! *it’s Montana.. and they were expecting SNOW!!!!

So I get everything ready to load up! And look outside * by then it’s light enough to see what  it’s like outside!* and it looked ok! So  I get in the shower and finish getting ready! then call my mom and tell her that I am going to go so I needed her to bring me the stuff she printed off for me!

Well I never thought to look at the TEMP outside..It was only 25 outside..!

So mom was like your gonna freeze and get sick..and no one’s going to come so just don’t go! well then I wake the dear hubby up and he’s sick with the flew!

So I decieded that with my luck it would start snowing and no one would be there and so I decided to just not go!

So then I’m up on a Saturday morning showered and EVERYTHING by 7:20ish! I’m like great.. I could of still be sleeping right now!

So I called the mamacita and asked her what her plans were for the day ! She had been asking me to come see her and spend a whole day with her for a long time! So I had a couple of arends to run and I stoped at Target and got her a bottle of Diet dr peper and resees *it’s the best way to make her day*

So I drive up there and had a ton of fun!

We organized her work area a little bit and then I did some stuff on her computer. and we chatted and just hung out! It was fun!

We also made yummy bath salts!
So that was about how my day went I came home around 7 and made dinner for the sick dear hubby!

And watch a movie and went to bed!
Hope everyone had an eventful Saturday 🙂

Look forward to more postings from The Creative Housewife!

Have wonderfully  blessed day!


My Jewelry Display. April 24, 2009

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So last weekend was my first weekend EVER at the farmers market!

And I realized that just laying your jewelry out on the table wasn’t the most profesional way to display it!

So then the dear hubby started to brainstorm ideas on how to create me something that I could use that looked more professional! And after three hours of walking around in Lowes and trying to explain his ideas to me *need I say I’m not very visual* when it comes to stuff like that!
So anyways this is what we came up with, And If I do say so myself I think the design came out pretty well!

Display picture #1 The dear hubby working hard to get my display done for Saturdays show!

Just the frame right now!

I tried telling him he could make some really cool picture frames like this!

Display picture # 2

The display after we got the peg board on it!

It’s starting to look like what I had imagined!

Display picture # 3

And here is the final product! It turned out pretty go if I do say so myself!

It took several coats of primer and paint and I highly recomend NOT to pain peg board unles you have to! You spend more time trying to keep the paint from filling the holes and then if it does get int he holes it runs out and makes a big mess!

Not fun at all!

But I love it and the dear hubby made it for me so it’s even more special! Hopefully we will have to build something more once I get more product to display but right now I have a very small inventory!

Since this is my first time doing this selling my product and everything I really appriciate comments from all of you that have been selling stuff before.. Or just have advise for me! All of it compliments & bashes are all greatly appriciated! Those of you who bash it that just helps me make it better!

I am thinking of trying to do a giveaway in the next month or so! so keep checking back for more updates on that!

Well off to feed the dear hubby!

hope you all enjoy this post!

Love the creative housewife!